Extract of HB9AGH-Log last 30 days

Call Country/City Date Mode MHz
T6AA Afghanistan, Kabul 21. - 31.1.21 cw 21
BD6OT China, Zhengzhou 11. - 20.3.21 cw 14
4J10SFR Azerbaijan, Baku 21. - 31.3.21 cw 18
YB1TIA Indonesia, Gunung Pinang, YBJ-BT-Ø28  1. - 10.4. 21 cw 14

Most of my activities actualy are SOTA-connections as chaser (Summits on the air: https://www.sotadata.org.uk/default.aspx)
Please note: all these contacts are made barefoot 75 Watt  (Digital Modes: 10 - 60 Watt) output 
and with GP Antenna!
Due to violations of this page by SWL's I stopped to indicate time and exact dates.

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cw in Morse continuous wave       mit elekrtonischer- oder Hand-Taste
Sprechfunk Single Side Band
Frequenz moduliert
RTTY Fernschreiben radio teletype Digitaler Modus
    Digitale Modi