I handle QSL-Cards for following stations:

ZA0Z and ZA0B

ZA0Z was QRV from 11.9.98 until 15.9.98 and again from 24.9.98 until 27.9.98 from Sazan Island (IOTA
EU-169) exclusivly in cw.

QSO's outside this range, especially 29.9.98 and 2.10.98, have been made by pirates!.

ZA0B was QRV from 11.9.98 - 14.9.98 and again from  20.9.98 until  27.9.98 from the same island,replica watches but  in SSB.

 Log closed End 2016

QSL Card ZA0B and ZA09Z


1st January - 31st December 2008

direct or
via bureau or via e-mail   (requested cards will go with next batch to the bureau)

Valid for H26 press here




from  6 May 2001 at 14:50
until 15 May 2001 at 05:00 GMT     (more info )
QSL Card 3B6RF
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